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3 Important Dental Tips to Remember During Pregnancy

Most women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant want to have a game plan for the transformation of their body, their health, and their child’s health.

One important thing to remember is that your dental hygiene is just as important as the rest of your body. Research shows that dental health can reflect on your overall health, as well as the baby’s health. Here are 3 tips to remember during pregnancy that will help maintain great dental hygiene throughout all of your trimesters.

1. Keep great oral hygiene habits. As normal, you will want to make sure you are brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Flossing is just as important as brushing since unhealthy gums can affect the baby. Research shows that women with gingivitis, or other gum disease have a direct correlation on the weight of the baby. Woman that are pregnant with a gum disease are much more likely to have a baby born prematurely.

Also remember to visit your dentist for your six-month checkup while pregnant. Your dentist can give you an update on your current health and provide you with any additional tips to help along the way.

2. Avoid dental procedures. While you want to stick to your routine check-in schedule, Make sure to avoid any dental procedures during your pregnancy. This could increase the risk of infections, which will ultimately harm you and the baby. Even procedures such as teeth whitening should be put on hold until after baby is born.

3. Rinse before brushing after morning sickness. Every woman that has been through a pregnancy knows that morning sickness is very common. A major mistake many women make after vomiting is brushing immediately. This is highly discouraged since the acid from vomiting will remain in your mouth and will harm your enamel if brushed. Make sure you rinse your mouth with a fluoride mouthwash or water instead. After about an hour, then you are safe to brush your teeth.

When you visit your dentist, it is important to alert your dentist of your pregnancy. This will help your dentist use the correct precautions and know what advice to give you for the remainder of your pregnancy.