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4 Tips to Make Your Dentist Thankful This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be thankful, spend time with loved ones, and eat a lot of food. Much of our traditional Thanksgiving food—like stuffing, pecan or pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes—are delicious, but they are full of sugars and carbohydrates!

Without proper dental care, these foods can lead to tooth decay and a proper scolding from your dentist.

We want you to enjoy all of the food your friends and family bring to the table this year. Here are 4 helpful tips to ensure your teeth are healthy after a big Thanksgiving meal.

1. Balance the types of food. Even though stuffing and potatoes have a good amount of sugar and carbohydrates, balancing them with protein (turkey anyone?) will help keep your teeth healthy. Proteins help counteract the acids that form when bacteria and sugar join together inside your mouth.

2. Avoid sticky food. Cranberry sauce, sweet potato soufflé, pecan pie! Even though they are all very delicious, try not to consume too much of them. Foods that are sticky, thick, or have a sugary coating will take you longer to chew and are more likely to stick to your teeth. At the very least, rinse your mouth with water after finishing!

3. Brush, brush, brush. Brushing your teeth after every meal is extremely important—especially after a big Thanksgiving meal. Whether you are home or traveling, make sure to take the time to brush your teeth, and even try rinse your mouth with fluoride mouthwash if possible.

There may be occasions where you can’t brush your teeth right away. Again, a good solution is to rinse your mouth with water to remove the acid and leftover food until you can get to the toothbrush.

4. Don’t eat all day. This may sound like an obvious tip; however, with so much delicious food all around, it may be tempting to sneak an extra meal or a few snacks throughout the day. This means you will be consuming sugars and carbs much more than normal, which translates to acids that hang around in your mouth long after the meal is over.

With these four tips, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest without worrying about your next trip to the dentist. Trust me—everyone here at Smiles By Songstad will be doing the same.

Happy Thanksgiving!