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Is it Normal to Talk in Your Sleep?

Sleep talking is a sleep disorder in which a person talks in their sleep, including dialogues, monologues, or downright gibberish, and sometimes without even being aware of the occurrence. Sleep talking occurs spontaneously.

Have you ever been told that you talk in your sleep? Although sleep talking may be embarrassing, or even annoying to your sleep partner, it causes no physical harm to your body.

Sleep talking can be normal, but the cause of your sleep talking could be of concern for you. Stress, depression, daytime fatigue and drowsiness, alcohol, and fever can cause sleep talking. It is also common for sleep-talkers to experience sleep apnea, nightmares, confused arousals, and REM sleep behavior disorders. Although rare, sleep talking is sometimes associated with a psychiatric disorder or nocturnal seizures.

There are currently no treatments available for sleep talking. However, depending on what is causing your sleep-talk to occur, you may need to seek medical attention to treat the underlying cause of your embarrassing sleep disorder. If you talk in your sleep often, chances are you probably do not receive adequate amounts of sleep, which could lead to more serious health conditions. Any time a patient is not sleeping well, a sleep evaluation should be performed.

People who do not sleep well bear an increased risk of developing serious health concerns such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and more. If you find that you talk in your sleep more than the occasional occurrence, consider a sleep study to rule out any sleep apnea disorders. You may be able to reduce the occurrence of talking in your sleep by changing your lifestyle, such as reducing stress from your life, or decreasing your consumption of alcohol.

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