3 Easy Steps to a Pain Free Root Canal

Root canals tend to get a bad reputation. Most people believe that having a root canal causes a lot of pain, but this is quite a misconception.

Patients are having the procedure done to escape pain, not cause more of it! Decades ago, before contemporary procedures and effective dental anesthetics, it was a nightmare to have a root canal. With today’s modern medicine a root canal is typically a breeze for most patients.

To help grasp the idea, more understanding of dental anatomy is needed. When a patient has an excruciating toothache, it is usually due to the pulpal tissue (blood vessels and nerves) within the tooth attempting to swell. Since the enamel and dentin are hard layers they prevent the tissue from swelling. This is what causes the sharp, throbbing pain of a toothache. Additionally, the tooth can be sensitive to cold or hot food and can cause a lot of pain when biting down. A toothache can ruin ones day and are not fun.

This is where root canals can be your saving grace. Relieving the pressure will eliminate pain and get you back to your normal life. Here are the dentist’s three easy steps for a pain free root canal.

1. Anesthesia. This process begins with excellent anesthesia. A root canal will be pain free when your tooth is completely numb. Unlike in the past, there are multiple methods to creating profound anesthesia. Once the tooth is numb and asleep the root canal procedure can begin.

2. Remove infected tissue. After the tooth is ready to be operated on, the next step is to remove tissue that has been infected or inflamed. State-of-the-art antibiotics and instruments are used to sterilize the inside of the tooth. After the canals of the tooth are clean, the doctor fills it with a permanent biocompatible sealer down to the roots. Then a crown is placed to seal the tooth and protect it from future infections.

3. Root canal therapy. A tooth that is infected and/or fractured will need root canal therapy. The other alternative is to have the tooth removed completely. This can lead to numerous negative effects, such as drifting teeth exposing roots and bite changes. Dental implants for the existing tooth are much more expensive than saving the original tooth.

Don’t be afraid to have a root canal, they can relieve a tremendous amount of pain. If you are suffering from a toothache and would like to setup a free consolation, contact us at Smiles by Songstad.