3 Reasons to Have Your Teeth Whitened by a Professional

Practically everyone would love to have a longer-lasting, whiter smile. The benefits of doing so are many, from simply boosting your self-esteem to improving your job prospects.

And while the market has answered this demand with a variety of products and remedies, the best solution at the end of the day is still provided by a qualified professional.

Here are 3 reasons why professional whitening is the way to go.

1. Flexibility. These days there are multiple ways to have a professional-grade, whiter smile. You can either have your teeth whitened in-office or take home a custom whitening kit prescribed by your dentist. The route you choose may be different depending on your budget and expectations.

  • With a custom whitening kit, your dentist will prescribe whitening gel along with custom trays that are, unlike store-bought trays, specifically designed to cover all of your teeth. This option can be more affordable, as you only need to purchase custom trays once and relatively inexpensive gel refills as needed.
  • For those wanting immediate results, an in-office applicant is administered onsite by a professional, and it takes only about an hour to complete. While this process provides excellent results very quickly, it will usually be more costly.

2. Fast-acting. Unlike whitening toothpaste and retail kits, professional whitening produces noticeable results immediately. With in-office whitening, the finished results will appear as soon as your session is over. You will notice results after your first application of professional custom trays, and it only takes up to 14 consecutive days to achieve your final results.

3. Long-lasting. The professional gel in professional custom kits is much stronger than in retail whitening kits. No matter which path you choose, professional whitening will typically last anywhere from six months to two years (timing will vary depending on your food and beverage choices, as well as your brushing habits).

We encourage you to educate yourself on the best possible teeth whitening options for you. Regardless of the option you choose, make sure you discuss it with your dentist to ensure your gums and teeth are healthy enough for professional whitening.