Is Permanent Whitening for Me?

If your teeth appear stained, often traditional in-office whitening treatments are the best option to remedy a dingy smile, but that is where it stops. Whitening treatments only change the color of your teeth. If you have multiple cosmetic flaws, including stained teeth, a more permanent option may be a better solution.

Veneers are minimally invasive but offer a permanent fix to cosmetic flaws on your front teeth. Veneers can permanently correct imperfections such as minor crookedness, gaps between teeth, chips or cracks, slightly uneven bite, and tooth discoloration. So, if you are looking for a treatment that will fix more than one problem, veneers are the answer.

Each veneer is custom-made out of the highest quality dental porcelain. Veneers are very thin and are made to fit directly over the front portion of your teeth. Treatment for veneers is minimally invasive, and usually just involves removing only a small portion of the tooth to make room for the veneer. Once placed on your tooth, the veneer is permanent, it will never stain.

Upkeep of your veneers is relatively simple, just brush and floss your teeth as usual. At Smiles by Songstad, we recommend that you follow through with regular dental checkups and cleanings. During these visits, Dr. Songstad will thoroughly examine each veneer to ensure they are safe and sound.

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