Oral Care While Pregnant

Pregnant women need oral health care, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can cause a bout of gingivitis or worse, gum disease.

Scientific studies have directly linked poor oral health to causing low birth weight and premature births. If you are pregnant, here’s how you can help guard your oral health, and the health of your unborn baby.

Oral Hygiene

Be sure you are brushing and flossing every day, which helps reduce bacterial plaque that causes gum disease. For an extra layer of protection, be sure to use fluoridated toothpaste that bears the ADA seal of approval, and rinse your mouth out with an alcohol-free mouthwash. When choosing a bottle of mouthwash, select one that contains .05% sodium fluoride, which also aids in reducing plaque levels in the mouth.

Visit the Dentist

Undergoing routine dental checkups and cleanings will help reduce bacterial plaque, and allows the dentist to monitor your oral health. If any problems do arise, such as warning signs of gum disease, it can be treated immediately instead of waiting for more problems to develop.

Don’t Share

We know this goes against what we are all taught as children, but what we mean is don’t share eating utensils, cups, or food. Sharing these items can easily transfer cavity-causing bacteria to your child, or make you more prone to developing cavities from receiving bacteria from someone else.

Chew Gum

Be sure that your chewing gum is sugar-free but contains xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that helps to reduce bacteria in the mouth that causes cavities and infections. Chewing gum containing xylitol is also ideal if you are unable to brush immediately after eating. The gum helps remove food particles that become lodged between your teeth, or in the deep grooves that are on your teeth’s chewing surface.

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