What People Will Do To Get Their Missing Teeth Back

The slogan, “Take a bite out of crime,” was all too familiar with the police force of a small Pennsylvania town, when a woman resorted to robbing a bank for money that she claimed she would later use to buy herself dentures.

The woman reportedly walked into the First National Bank in Waynesburg, PA where she demanded that a teller give her money, threatening that she had a gun. Although the woman never flashed the alleged gun, she was arraigned on two counts of robbery. Her method of obtaining cash may seem bizarre, but her purpose is far from that.

There is not doubt that missing teeth causes people anguish, resulting in an embarrassing smile, decreased chewing abilities, and even physical pain. There are many options, from dental implants, bridges, to dentures, which can rebuild your bite and give you your life back. Missing teeth can lead to many health-related problems, not just issues with your mouth. Of course, missing teeth affects one’s diet, which inevitably affects your overall health as well. Missing teeth also causes premature aging, jaw joint disorder (TMJ), headaches, migraines, and even pain the neck and back.

Unfortunately, the price of these treatments often results in patients either delaying or avoiding treatment. For some patients, the dream of achieving the smile they desire may seem completely unattainable. At Smiles by Songstad, we understand the importance of replacing your missing teeth, which is why we offer a variety of treatment options for tooth replacement, and an interest-free financing option to help you afford your treatments. Our interest-free, low monthly payment option is a convenient way that patients can pay for treatment all at once and not have to delay or avoid fixing their smile.

For more information about our interest-free payment option and to schedule your consultation, contact us at Smiles by Songstad. We welcome patients of Green Hills and Belle Meade, Tennessee.