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Porcelain Crowns

Whether you’re suffering from a broken tooth, decay, fractured fillings, or simply looking for cosmetic enhancements – our porcelain crowns may be just the thing you need.

Porcelain crowns essentially act as a cap, covering and sealing in the surface of the tooth. Porcelain crowns are typically used to bring the tooth back to it’s original shape and size. When you smile, we don’t want you to feel any need to hesitate!

Installing a porcelain crown usually takes two separate appointments. During the first session, the tooth is molded and modeled so that the crown is sure to fit perfectly. Before you leave, a temporary crown will be placed on the tooth and it’s at the next appointment when we’ll actually put the permanent one over your damaged tooth.

If you have any questions or comments about porcelain crowns in Green Hills, feel free to call our office, or just fill out the contact form.